Translations are a collection of visual elements in the Workice application, like labels, information messages, notifications, alerts, work flow statuses, etc

To modify the text translated to the target language, navigate to Settings > Translations in the main menu.
  • Click on the Pencil icon of the language you want to modify.
  • Click the Pencil icon to modify the language file i.e app or activity language files
  • Replace the text displayed on your right side with your language equivalent
  • English version is displayed on the left side.

Adding Translations

If you want to add translations to Workice;
  • Create a folder for your language example ms
  • Copy all language files from folder /resources/lang/en into your new folder ms
  • After copying the translation files you can now modify the language lines in Settings > Translations

Alternatively, you can share your translations here and we’ll be glad to add it to workice.

Backup Translations

To backup your custom translations.
  • Navigate to Settings > Translations and click on Backup button.
  • A JSON file will be downloaded with your custom translations

Restore Backup Translations

To restore your translations.
  • Navigate to Settings > Translations and click on Restore button.
  • Upload your backup file to restore your translations


This action will overwrite your current translations


If you need your translations added to next updates you can help translate it on Github