System Settings

You can view and edit the system configuration in your CRM by going to Settings and clicking on the System Settings.

You can modify the settings below;

  • Purchase Code: Enter your purchase code (Used for license verification)
  • Default Language: The default system language
  • Locale: Your preferred system locale
  • Timezone: Your timezone
  • Default Currency: Your preferred currency. Default USD
  • Currency Symbol: Must be the symbol of your default currency above
  • Default Calendar: System default calendar type e.g Work or Personal
  • Tax 1: Default Tax 1 percentage
  • Default Subscription: Enter your default subscription name
  • Tax 1 Label: Give your Tax 1 a name e.g GST
  • Tax 2: Enter the default Tax 2 percentage
  • Tax 2 Label: Give your Tax 2 a name
  • Tax Decimals: The number of decimals to be used in tax display
  • Quantity Decimals: Number of decimals to be used in displaying quantity
  • Date Format: Choose your preferred date format
  • File max size: Maximum file size in KB e.g 8192 for 8MB
  • Allowed files: Comma separated list of allowed files e.g png,pdf,docx etc
  • Privacy Policy URL: A link to your privacy policy
  • Slack webhook URL: Your company slack webhook url to receive notifications
  • Wablas Token: API Key obtained from Wablas
  • WhatsApp Number: Default WhatsApp number
  • WhatsApp Subscribe Text: Text that users need to send to your whatsapp to subscribe. Default is SUB
  • Open Exchange API Key: If left blank, the system will use our rates server to fetch currency rates.
  • Google Calendar API Key: Your Google Calendar API Key
  • Google Calendar ID: Your Google Calendar ID. It will look something like “”.
  • Default Role: When a user is created or registered, this role will be assigned.


Do NOT set the Default Role to admin.

Other Options
  • Auto Reminder: Send email reminders for estimates, contracts, tasks or todos when almost overdue.
  • Enable Languages: When enabled, you can select your preferred language using the dropdown languages menu.
  • Use Gravatar: Use gravatar to retrieve user avatars
  • Allow Client Registration: Enable client registrations
  • Show amount in words: Show amount in words (Invoices, Credits, Estimates and Payments)
  • Daily Digest: Enable this option to receive daily email digest
  • Exchange Rates: Enable exchange rate updates
  • Use ReCaptcha: Use ReCaptcha in registrations
  • Clients add projects: Clients can add projects
  • Stop timer logout: When this option is enabled, running timers will be stopped when you logout.
  • Contract to Project: Automatically convert a contract into a project once it’s signed
  • Update Notifications: Receive update notifications
  • WhatsApp Enabled: Enable/Disable WhatsApp integration.