Unlike freelancer office, Workice CRM now requires PHP >= 7.2 and MySQL.

To purchase Workice with a discounted price for Users with Freelancer Office License, visit https://desk.workice.com and register. After Registration, login and click Buy Workice. You can download the new Workice CRM source code from your support page https://desk.workice.com (Profile > Downloads) section and proceed with Installation.


The discounted price is only available when paying via PayPal. We strongly recommend buyers to thoroughly check the item description, comments and demo (https://app.workice.com) to see if it works for your situation. If you have a pre-sale question please ask before purchase we will only offer refund incase we can’t fix the issue.


Do not replace freelancer office files with Workice files install Workice separately before importing data.


Importing data from freelancer office to Workice requires CRON to be already running see the steps on how to setup cron here

Export data as JSON

Download the import file from here

Extract the downloaded file and upload it to your Root folder where freelancer office is installed.

  • Access the URL where you uploaded the above file example http://your-freelancer-office.com/workice-importer.php.
  • The import file will attempt to generate a JSON version of your data and create a file named crmdata.json in Root folder (We will require that file to import the data to Workice CRM).


Download the JSON file (crmdata.json) from your server and delete file workice-importer.php and crmdata.json

Import to Workice

  • Login to Workice CRM as administrator.
  • Go to Settings > System Info > Import > Freelancer Office.
  • When a pop modal appears, choose the file crmdata.json (that you downloaded from your server as described above).
  • Click on Save button to start importing data.


Workice will send an email to you when import data has been completed successfully

If your data does not show correctly after importing, run the command below or click on the command button in Settings > Info > Commands button > app:balances button;

php artisan app:balances

This command will attempt to re-calculate your invoices, estimates etc

Need help?

You can contact us here for help or send us an email to support@workice.com