Lead management is an important part of any sales process. When you get information about someone who might be interested in your products or services, but haven’t yet verified their interest or fit for your business, you’ll add them to Workice CRM on the Leads section.

Once you’ve determined a lead is qualified, you’ll convert the lead and Workice will create a sales opportunity(deal), a contact, and an organization for you.

Leads could be obtained through a purchased contact list, a form on your website, trade shows and meetings where you’ve gathered business cards, and other marketing efforts. You can create leads in a few different ways:

  • Enter them on the Leads section manually.
  • Import them from a CSV or Excel file.
  • Email integrations. Create new leads whenever you receive a new email.
  • Use zappier to scan business cards using https://www.fullcontact.com/ and send POST data to your Workice CRM.
  • Add a Web to Lead form to your website so visitors can submit their own information.
  • If you have technical resources, you can also add leads through Workice CRM API.


You can choose how to view leads ie. Kanban view or Table View by selecting the Table icon on the leads page.


To add lead stages, go to Settings - Lead Settings and click on Stages button.


Mass email the leads by selecting the check boxes corresponding to the records and clicking on the Send Mail button. You will need to view the leads as a table

Adding leads manually

To create a lead directly in Workice CRM:

Click on create button on the leads section.
Enter the lead’s information. (Fields marked in a * are required).
Click Save button to add the lead.


You can move leads to next stage by clicking on Next Stage while in Lead View page.

Log a call

To log a lead call record: Open a lead and click on Calls tab. Click on the Phone icon on the right. A modal will open for you to enter record details;

  • Subject - Call subject e.g Product Demo
  • Call Type - Either inbound or outbound
  • Duration - The amount of time spent on the call in format 00:30:00. Example; 00:10:00 means 10minutes
  • Assignee - The person responsible.
  • Schedule call - You can schedule a phone call and get email alerts to remind you.
  • Description - Call description
  • Call Result - Summary of what you discussed on your call conversation.


To send email to a lead, click on a lead and select the Emails tab. Whether you are following up on a lead or you received an email reply from a lead, all the emails will be listed on the emails page.


To display emails replied by your lead on the CRM, you need to setup email integration in Settings - Lead Settings section


You can add lead activities e.g “Followup call” to a lead using the Activity tab.


To enter a todo task quickly, you may use english words for dates inside square brackets e.g Send proposal [tomorrow] or Followup on lead John Doe [next friday].


Use the files tab to add files associated with the lead.


Need to discuss something with the sales person attached to the lead? Use the comments section.


Use the reminder icon on the top menu of the lead view to set reminders.

Convert Lead

Once the lead status has reached a certain stage, it can be qualified as a potential/deal. - After converting a lead into a potential/deal, lead status will be changed to Converted. - You can view the list of converted leads by selecting the Converted Leads list view. - When a lead is converted, it cannot be reverted to a lead. - An account will be created on lead conversion if the Company Name detail is available for the lead.

GDRP - Double opt in

Double opt-in offers an extra confirmation step to verify each lead email address added to your CRM database. When this setting is enabled, leads who submit a form receive a follow-up email with a request for consent.


To enabled double opt in in leads, go to Settings - Lead Settings section.