Lead Settings

You can view and edit the lead configuration in your CRM by going to Settings and clicking on the Lead Settings.

You can modify the settings below;

  • Default Stage: The default lead stage
  • Default Sales Agent: The default user assigned to leads
  • Enable double opt-in: Enable this option to request lead consent
  • Auto Delete: When a lead is converted to a customer, delete it.

IMAP Settings

Workice keeps track of all your emails, no matter where you send or receive them. When this option is enabled, email conversation history with each lead will be pulled in and become instantly visible in your lead email conversations. Sending an email to multiple recipients? We will notify you when a lead opens an email and at what time.

  • IMAP: Enable IMAP email retrival
  • IMAP Host: Your IMAP Host e.g imap.gmail.com
  • IMAP Username: Your IMAP username/full address
  • IMAP Password: Imap Password
  • Mail Port: IMAP port e.g 587
  • Mail Flags: IMAP flags. Default /imap/ssl/novalidate-cert
  • Mailbox: Mail folder. Default INBOX