Internet businesses are, in a sense, always open. Customers interact with your website 24/7, and when they have a question, they want an answer that minute.

The best knowledge software anticipates your users’ most common problems and makes it quick and easy for them to find the solution they need. That’s why a knowledge base is also useful for customer service agents. While working on a user’s ticket, an agent can interact with your intuitive knowledge base content to learn more about their problem.

Create Categories

To create article categories, click on gears icon at the top right of the articles list page. A modal will pop up and you can create, edit or delete article categories.

Create Article

  • Click on Create button
  • Add article subject and select a category
  • Write the body of your article.
  • To disable comments on the article, uncheck Allow Comments checkbox
  • To save the article as draft/unpublished, uncheck the Published checkbox


The editor supports markdown text do not use html tags.