Estimate SettingsΒΆ

You can view and edit the estimate configuration in your CRM by going to Settings and clicking on the Estimate Settings.


Any changes you make to the Estimate Settings will apply to all your estimates.

You can modify the settings below;

  • Estimate Color: Your preferred invoice color (Company Color)
  • Estimate Prefix: Add your chosen prefix. For example, you may choose to add your company initials, such as W&M and Estimates will appear as W&M0001 etc
  • Estimate Number Format: Estimate format. Default -[yyyy][mm][dd]-[i] for {year}{month}{day}-{number}
  • Estimate Starting Number: The number to start counting your estimates from e.g 100 will start from EST00100
  • Estimate Footer: Any additional information that should appear at the bottom of your estimates
  • Estimate Terms: Default estimate terms
  • Display PDF Badge: Display PDF Badges (partially implemented)
  • Show Item Tax: Show Estimate item tax
  • Estimate to Project: Turn estimates to projects once approved
  • Estimate to Invoice: Automatically turn an estimate to invoice when approved by client
  • Archive Estimate: Automatically archive converted estimates