Email Templates

You can modify email templates for invoice emails, estimates, projects etc. To do so, select Settings from the main menu sidebar then click Translations.

Click on Emails button at the top bar to open email translations.

Select the language you want to modify;


The english version variables are named in {module}.{action}.{type} format (dot notation). Example; if you need to edit the message that will be sent when you send an invoice, look for a variable named invoices.sending.body. To edit sent message subject, modify invoices.sending.subject value.


Let’s say we want to modify the German message that should be sent to us when we receive a payment.

Go to Settings and click on Translations;
  • Click Emails button.
  • Look for German Language and click the Pencil icon to modify text
  • Look for English translation payments.received.body.
  • The English version displayed is You have received payment of :amount on :date for invoice :code
  • Change the text that appears at the right side (text box) by replacing it with your German version.
  • Next time you receive a payment notification message in German, your custom message will be displayed in the email body.
  • Click Save button to save the changes


You can modify other email templates in different locales using the same procedure above.