Clicking on the “Deals” tab in Workice CRM takes you to our comprehensive CRM, a feature exclusive to our Small Business and Enterprise plans.


You can choose the deal view type ie. Kanban view or Table View by selecting the Table icon on the deals page.

What are deals?

Think of deals as a way of identifying qualified leads as sales opportunities. Deals are contacts that no longer sit dormant in your database; they’re actually in your pipeline and are on track to become customers. When a deal is created it is assigned to an internal team member who monitors and manages the movement of deals from stage to stage in your pipelines.

What are pipelines?

Pipelines are your business processes — sales-related and otherwise. For example, sales pipelines could be “Orders” or “Sales” They represent the entire process of converting qualified leads into customers.

You can setup as many pipelines (or processes) as necessary for your business since Workice CRM does not limit the amount of active pipelines you can create.


To add pipelines, go to Settings - Deal Settings and click on Sales Pipelines button.

What are stages?

Pipelines contain stages. If pipelines are your processes, stages are the steps that deals must advance through to complete those processes (and in many cases, for you to close sales).

For example, stages could be “Need To Contact” and “Currently In Contact” and “Send Proposal”.


Click the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the deals page to add more stages.

Open deals are those that are active. Won deals are those that achieve the goal of the pipeline (e.g. buy a product or are successfully on-boarded). Lost deals are leads that enter your pipelines but do not convert.

Deals Forecasting

To know how much money your business has made is useful, but sometimes you need to know how much money you could be making in the future.In Workice CRM, we build deal forecast feature to help you get an idea of the revenue projection for your freelance business. Click on the ellipsis (3 dots) on the deal page to access Deal Forecast.

You can view won, lost and archived deals by clicking on the ellipsis button and filter your deals.

Won or Lost Deal


To close a deal, click on the green won button. If a deal is lost, click on the red lost button and specify a reason why the deal was lost (optional).

Log a call

To log a deal call record: Open a deal and click on Calls tab. Click on the Phone icon on the right. A modal will open for you to enter record details;

  • Subject - Call subject e.g Product Demo
  • Call Type - Either inbound or outbound
  • Duration - The amount of time spent on the call in format 00:30:00. Example; 00:10:00 means 10minutes
  • Assignee - The person responsible.
  • Schedule call - You can schedule a phone call and the CRM will remind you.
  • Description - Call description
  • Call Result - Summary of what you discussed on your call conversation.


To send email to a deal, click on a deal and select the Emails tab. Whether you are following up a deal or you received an email reply from a deal, all the emails will be listed on the deal emails page.


To display emails replied by your deal on the CRM, you need to setup email integration in Settings - Deal Settings section


You can add deal activities e.g “Followup call” to a deal using the Activity tab.


To enter a todo task quickly, you may use english words for dates inside square brackets e.g Send proposal [tomorrow] or Followup on deal acme [next monday].


Add deal products using the Products tab. When you add a product the deal value will be updated with the product price.


Use the files tab to add files associated with the deal.


Need to discuss something with the sales person attached to the deal? Use the deal comments section.


Use the reminder icon on the top menu of the deal view to set reminders.