Credits List

In some cases, the customer no longer wants the item or service ordered and you are needing to apply a credit or refund the customer, this is where the Credits feature comes in handy.


The Credits list page is a summary of all credits issued to all clients and contains the columns below;

  • Client Name: The client’s name
  • Status: The credit note status (e.g Open, Closed, Void)
  • Date: The date the individual credit was issued
  • Amount: The credit note total amount
  • Balance: The balance of the individual credit

Enter Credit

To issue a credit, you’ll need to open the creditnotes create page by clicking Create button.

The create credits page has four fields for you to complete. Let’s take a closer look at each field:

  • Client: Click on the arrow at the right end of the Client field. Select the relevant client from the client list.
  • Currency: The currency used for this creditnote
  • Tags: Custom tags (optional)
  • Terms: [Optional] Enter any terms (Will appear at the bottom of the credit)

To save your new credit, click Save.

Apply Credits

To apply a credit to the customers invoice for the amount they paid: Access the customer invoice that needs to be credited and select More in the top bar of the Invoice page. Select Use Credit in the drop down. Here, you can enter the amount to apply in the textbox. Click on Save button to use credits.

Now that the credit has been applied to the invoice, you will see the credit reflected in the customers account, as well as the invoice.

Bulk Actions

If you need to perform an action for a number of creditnotes, you can do it in one click with the bulk action feature. To use the bulk action feature, mark the relevant credits in their checkbox at the far left of the credits list. Once you’ve marked the creditnotes, select an action to perform on them in the buttons below the credits list page.

  • Send: Send selected credits by email to client(s).
  • Archive: Archive selected creditnotes.
  • Delete: Delete selected creditnotes.


Need to search for a specific client in your Credits list? Start typing the first letters of the client’s name and the filter will automatically present the relevant listings.