Workice CRM Calendar module allows users to easily schedule, view, and manage their activities like calls, meetings and appointments, all in one place. Easily keep track of all your customer invoices, payments, expenses, leads, tasks etc

Add Calendar Type

By default 2 calendar types are available, Work and Personal. You are free to add/update or delete calendar types by clicking on the Gear icon at the top right of the Calendar page.

iCal Feed URL

Click on iCal buton to see options for pulling events from your Workice Calendar and pushing them into other calendar apps. You will now see a popup with your iCal Feed URL. Follow the on-screen instructions to “subscribe” to events in your Workice Calendar with other apps. New events created in Workice CRM will then show up automatically in those other apps.

Google Calendar

To display events from your Google Calendar, Go to Settings -> System Settings and enter your Google Calendar API key and your Google Calendar ID. Once the settings are configured, your events will display on Workice calendar.