Deal SettingsΒΆ

You can view and edit the deal configuration in your CRM by going to Settings and clicking on the Deal Settings.

You can modify the settings below;

  • Deal Rotting: Number of days before a deal is marked as idle
  • Auto Invoice: Automatically create an Invoice when deal is won
  • Default Pipeline: The default deal pipeline
  • Default Stage: The default deal stage. Ensure the stage is in the default pipeline above
  • Default Deal Owner: The default user assigned to deals
IMAP Settings
  • IMAP: Enable IMAP email retrival
  • IMAP Host: Your IMAP Host e.g
  • IMAP Username: Your IMAP username/full address
  • IMAP Password: Imap Password
  • Mail Port: IMAP port e.g 587
  • Mail Flags: IMAP flags. Default /imap/ssl/validate-cert
  • Mail SSL: Enable secure email connection using SSL
  • Mailbox: Mail folder. Default INBOX
  • IMAP Search: Get messages matching the given search criteria. Default UNSEEN